Cable Adapter – Suitable for Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop Square Male -to- to 5.5 x 2.5mm Female Connector with 15cm


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Product information
Round hole big head to new square head
Input end: 7.9*5.4mm (round hole with needle)
Length: 14CM
Conversion end: new square mouth with needle (Superbook Yoga series, etc.)
Thick wire core Newly opened square mouth pin connector with IC chip
It is suitable for converting the round port of the notebook power supply to the new ultra-preferred square port with pin port
Type: adapter cable
Interface type: AC power
Converter type: adaptor/transfer cable
Connection line: power cord
Home improvement project: Security monitoring line
Applicable equipment: personal computer
Wire material: copper
Product weight: 0.01 (KG)

Adapter cable *1



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