Type-C female To 7.9×5.5mm male for Lenovo Laptop DC Tip Converter

  1. Converts USB – C Female to 7.9*5.5 mm male tip.
  2. Suitable for laptop models: Lenovo Laptops
  3. You can connect this adapter to universal Laptop charger to charge your laptops
  4. Easy plug and play

Note: This product is not for charging laptops with Type-C mobile phone chargers.


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1. Product name : USB – C Female Jack To 7.9×5.5mm Male Adapter
2. Material : Steel
3. Input : Type C Female
4. Output : 7.9×5.5mm
5. Weight : 8gms
6. Compatible Models : Lenovo X61, X61 7673, X61 7673-3HU, X61 7673-4NU, X61 7673-5GU, X61 7673-65U, X61 7673-66U, X61 7673-74U, X61 7673-7EU, X61 7673-8TU, X61 7673-A5U, X61 7673-H6U, X61 7673-J5U, X61 7674, X61 7674-4NU, X61 7674-65U, X61 7674-66U, X61 7674-74U, X61 7675, X61 7675-4KU, X61 7675-55U, X61 7675-59U, X61 7675-7FU, X61 7675-7KU, X61 7675-8PU, X61 7675-92U, X61 7675-93U, X61 7675-H7U, X61 7675-HMU, X61 7675-K2U, X61 7675-K3U, X61 7762, X61 7764, X61 7767, X61S , X61S 7666, X61S 7666-34U, X61S 7666-36U, X61S 7666-3EU, X61S 7666-3FU, X61S 7666-43U, X61S 7666-47U, X61S 7666-48U, X61S 7666-54U, X61S 7666-76U, X61S 7666-8LU, X61S 7666-B7U, X61S 7669, X61S 7669-3GU, X61S 7669-3HU, X61S 7669-45U, X61S 7669-7DU, X61S 7669-85U, X61S 7669-88U, X61S TABLET, X61T
7. Color : Black
8. Brand : Generic



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